Sen House
Sen House Front Entrance Sen House Back View Sen House Back Porch View Sen House With View-finder Back Room Sen House Front Detail Sen House Sun Chade on the Second Floor Sen House Sun Shades on the Second Floor Sen House Project SIte    

Kahala Kua House

Honolulu, Hawaii, 2002

This project is designed to appreciate a grand view of the Pacific Ocean 800 feet below it and conform to the design guidelines of the Kahala Kua community development. In addition to comfortably accommodating two people – an adult son and his youthful mother – the house provides protection from the unusually harsh sun and strong winds at the site. The building envelope design is low profile, aerodynamic in shape and its foundation closely follows the existing topography of the site. Such protection is further enhanced by the use of horizontal wood sunscreens on the north and south elevations and a roof of metal to reflect direct sunlight. The elongated gable roof which runs the length of the main house conforms to the design guidelines while decreasing wind resistance.
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