51 Hillhouse Renovation
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51 Hillhouse Avenue Renovation

Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut 2010

Despite its nearly unaltered exterior, the renovation of the Department of Anthropology’s historic Hillhouse Avenue facility is comprehensive and complex inside. Located next to the university president’s house on Yale’s most picturesque street, this robust Italianate-Victorian mansion (1862) whose design is attributed to noted Antebellum-era architect Henry Austin, is a near complete reconstruction of its foundation, superstructure and interior architecture. The newly-designed interior now holds a world-class archaeomagnetic laboratory, teaching labs, a seminar room, and faculty offices. New work in this four-storey structure also include new HVAC, electrical, lighting, fire protection systems, and renewed architectural finishes with special attention to preserved historical ornament, millwork, and furnishing inside.
Christopher Gardner Photography
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